Meet the Reinert’s

When Joseph and I first met, we were a mere 6 and 7 years old. Our families spent many, many days together, during the summer especially – kids have to stay busy before 4-H fair time! Cowboy Joe’s sister and I were besties and spent most of our time together. Young Cowboy Joe stood in the background, silently waiting for the little girl he knew he’d marry to notice him.

Fast forward 15 years to June 2018. I had been living in Montana for a year. Joseph was waiting patiently at home in the Flint Hills, finishing college and working on his own plan for life. During a summer internship in Oregon, Cowboy Joe slipped me the comment that he was closer than Kansas to come visit. We never met up, but my spirit was stirred and suddenly Kansas started to sound real good.

We began dating that October (2018), I moved home October 1st, 2019, we were engaged December 24th, 2019, and married May 21st, 2020. Clear as mud? You can read more of our story here!

“I support the things I believe in.”

Cowboy Joe, encouraging his wife

More About Us

Cowboy Joe and I dated long distance (25 hours if I’m driving…18 if you’re Joseph) for all but 3 months of our relationship. We spent countless – and I mean countless – hours Facetiming, phone calling, texting, Snap Chatting, and even writing good ole snail mail! For a time, Joseph was working at 5 a.m, which did not align with this nonmorning person’s schedule well at all. He was asleep early, and I was awake late…we didn’t talk much during that season until I started getting up with him (mind you the hour time difference) so we could talk for that hour before he went to work. Talk about character building!

Joseph was such a trooper. He was against long distance dating at first– it just seemed to be a sure-fire way to create a problem that didn’t exist. However, after his first visit to Montana, I was able to convince him that it was worth the struggle. He went to great lengths to make sure I was loved on well from so far away. In fact, he surprised me my first Christmas away from home. He orchestrated everything with my friends and it was such a wonderful time to be away. His heart is pure gold!

A lot of our adventures were in Montana. We toured the ghost towns together, went on several hikes, drove to Yellowstone (only to find that it was closed…), doodled around Dillon, etc. So many of my Montana memories have Cowboy Joe in them, and that’s why they’re so sweet to me.

If we didn’t adventure in Montana, we went to another state. We’ve been to Colorado together twice now – once for a Cru conference, and the second for a ski trip with our Kansas friends! It was my first time skiing, and after having several months to cool off about it, I would do it again! I wish there was a way to get from point A to point B without having to ride the lift…

Joseph surprised me for Christmas (my favoritest holiday)! It was so hard to be away from home that year, but having my almost-fiance there made it much better!
After learning that Yellowstone was closed, we took the long way home and went through Idaho. Here’s proof.
You can’t tell, but behind my goggles I am actually WEEPING because high places give me a terrible fright. Hence my face.

We’re both learning a little bit at a time for all the aspects of ranch life together. What do they say? Work cattle together before you’re married? That excursion seemed to go pretty well so I guess it’s straight up from here!