Grow Your Own

Is there something wrong with me? Am I missing some greater picture of life? What is it about my constant love and affection toward my garden plants that inevitably strikes them dead?

I am so looking forward to spring and summer this year.

My motivation and excitement for the coming warmer seasons stems from the desire for an herb garden. Last year, I tried a few plants in pots on our porch. They sprouted very well, and seemed to be thriving and then…well, they were not? I have dreams (in day imaginations and sleep visions) of large, lush, healthy gardens filled with mild cucumbers, peas, squash, berries, peppers sweet and spicy, and all the cobbed corn I can stomach. Maybe I need to summon my inner full-time-gardener?

I think I’m going to take a step back from the produce this year and try my hand at herbs? I once had a basil plant that I loved dearly and kept it in a jar. Unfortunately the jar was not ventilated and my basil grew a less hospitable species of mold and thus croaked. It was a sad day.

When I close my eyes and dream of this cute little garden, I envision fresh salad dressings and roast chicken with rosemary and thyme that I harvested in the early morning dew. Of course I’m in pigtails and the Laura Ingalls Wilder dress from Target (apparently that’s the trend now), and a bonnet keeps my tails from whipping my face as I trounce down the grassy prairie to the crick where I’ll wash my gleanings…

I don’t have much space for a huge plot, but I do have some space to work with.

Photo by Minimalist Baker

Have any of you tried growing herbs? Have you had any luck? What about composting? What’s your take on that blessed idea (an idea I am very much gung-ho about). Send help, I can’t seem to get my act together.

There are several small succulents and a tiny cactus in our home, they’re doing great (all glory to God), but I so desire to be as self sufficient as possible in the coming years….it’s hard to do that when your pea plants wither as soon as their first pod is produced. At least they’re consistent?

Help me, friends. What advice do you have? How did you learn to grow your own? Take me to school!

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